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Update for July 2013

Iraq Water Project Report to VFP Board, Summer 2013

Greetings to all members of the Board from Iraq Water Project, now in its fourteenth year.

My previous report, dated 10 January, is attached. At that time IWP had placed or otherwise provided 128 ultraviolet and reverse osmosis water cleansing units to various Iraqi schools, hospitals and other institutions. Previous to this, in the earliest phase of the project, six municipal and rural water plants in a variety of gallonages were repaired in southern and central Iraq, some more than once. One of these was a small plant at Falluja, a town we had never heard of when our VFP delegation inspected the unit in 2002.

Three years after the US assault and occupation, and in view of unsurprising difficulties raised in the wake of that event, we trimmed project sail and set out upon a different wind, purchasing small low capacity water devices for individual institutions, the same course of effort we continue upon today.

Since last report, in spring and early summer, thirteen more reverse osmosis water filters have been financed by this project, as follows:

1. Late January, Bint alHuda maternity hospital, Thi Qar province (Nassiriya). Three ROs placed here. Also one small unit installed at alAnsiriya orphanage, same province. $3550

2. March, 1 RO plus water cooler at Anam Junior High School for girls, Diyala province (east of Baghdad). $2000

3. March, 2 RO at alHabobi public hospital, I unit in clinic at Oor village, both these in Thi Qar. $3150

4. May, 1 RO and two water coolers at Kalat School for girls, Khanaqin, Diyala province. This town hunkers right at the Iran border, and its water is extremely saline. $2500

5. June, 1 RO at alHajim health center, village of Siwaniya, near Nassiriya. A second unit plumbed into a caravan (mobile) health unit parked at Siwaniya. $4130. Two more units have been purchased in connection with this installation, to be placed in local schools, probably later this month.

Projects 1, 3 and 4 were completed by our friends at Nassiriya Youth Organization, the others by alRafad Charity in cooperation with Life for Relief and Development. These two groups, dedicated and beyond all price, are described in the previous report.

Other VFP members and chapters continue to furnish support, most thankfully accepted, I assure everyone.

Here’s wishing the Board and all attendees a productive 2013 national convention. 

Respectfully submitted,

Art Dorland, IWP Chair