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Press Release
February 2001

Veterans for Peace Iraq Water Project Update

The Veterans for Peace Iraq Water Project announces the completion of it's first project in Iraq, SE of Basra, at the village of Labbani. The veterans report the successful repair of the water treatment plant, as was recently inspected in January. We are proud to report the plant is in operation and functioning normally as before the war. Clean water is being delivered to 55,000 people and will save lives.

The Iraq Water Project will be sending it's second team of veterans to Basra in March of 2001. Three additional water treatment plants will be renovated and repaired in the Abul Khaseeb valley. These water plant repairs will bring clean drinking water to the households in this area, and will help stop the spread of water-borne disease, a major killer among the young, weak and elderly.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help us complete this major humanitarian aid project, the first by veterans of this conflict. Checks should be made payable to VFP Iraq Water Project and mailed to our address: PO Box 532, Bayside, CA 95524.

For further information, you may also telephone our Program Director and Team Two leader, Michael John Carley at 718.398.5839 or you may call me at 707.943.1874.

Our partner in this project is LIFE for Relief and Development: http://www.lifeusa.org.

We appreciate your support in this important struggle in the campaign to lift the Sanctions. You can help us by sending this message far and wide.

For more information:
Fredy Champagne
(707) 943-1874
Co-Chair, VFP Iraq Water Project